About Us

Helipad has served pilots and passengers since 1974. During this time, we maintained a safety record many would envy. This could be because we are pilots and understand the importance of maintaining impeccable standards in the air and on the ground. We also believe that you deserve the best experience to and from your chosen event – and we will make sure that we deliver it, at every point of their journey.

Helipad are part of the Hai Air Group, offering exclusive access to the latest luxury helicopters and jets for sale worldwide. With decades of shared expertise, experience and relationships which have been built over many years, Hai Air offer a unique insight into the purchasing process with the ability and tenacity to make the right deal.

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ConciergeUK works primarily within the commercial sector, managing and facilitating corporate and VIP delegations, hosting dinners and seminars and establishing valuable connections with high-net-worth clients from all parts of the globe. We have experience with organising and managing company participation in worldwide events, such as sporting events, boat shows, and those special occasions. We provide an all-round concierge service that is ultimately as flexible as you are.

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Our Team

Operations Manager

Every Helipad event is managed by an experienced Helipad Operations Manager who makes sure that every aspect of our heliport operation runs smoothly. Events at our larger sites can exceed 600 landings over the race week, bringing around 2,000 passengers who are transported from the heliport by luxury vehicle to the venue.

Control Tower

Helipad employs some of the most experienced heliport Air Traffic controllers in the world. Based in the newest and biggest mobile tower in Europe, they use the latest equipment to communicate with our integrated terminal and have full CAA licences. Major events are licensed and the controlled airspace is managed to the same standards as any large airport.

Ground Crew

Our Ground Crew provide a wide range of airside services, including aircraft handling, refuelling and the safe operation of the heliport. Like all our team, they are regularly assessed for their competence in working and driving on a busy airfield.

Fire Crew

Helipad take safety seriously, so we maintain an in-house fleet of fully equipped H1 and H2 fire trucks, manned by experienced firefighters.