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Helipad has served pilots and passengers since 1974. During this time, we maintained a safety record many would envy. This could be because we are pilots and understand the importance of maintaining impeccable standards in the air and on the ground. We also believe that you deserve the best experience to and from your chosen event – and we will make sure that we deliver it, at every point of their journey.

Helipad are part of the Hai Air Group, offering exclusive access to the latest luxury helicopters and jets for sale worldwide. With decades of shared expertise, experience and relationships which have been built over many years, Hai Air offer a unique insight into the purchasing process with the ability and tenacity to make the right deal.

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ConciergeUK works primarily within the commercial sector, managing and facilitating corporate and VIP delegations, hosting dinners and seminars and establishing valuable connections with high-net-worth clients from all parts of the globe. We have experience with organising and managing company participation in worldwide events, such as sporting events, boat shows, and those special occasions. We provide an all-round concierge service that is ultimately as flexible as you are.

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Our Team

Nick Cox
Nick Cox Managing Partner (Operations) +44 (0)7931 514 339 Read More

Nick Cox is the driving force behind the development of Helipad. As a commercial helicopter pilot, he identified the need for safe traffic control services at many of the UK’s premium events. He has applied the same diligence to Hai Air, bringing corporate and private owners together with a jet and helicopter sales team who are first and foremost pilots, that have the knowledge and experience to advise clients on the most suitable airframe to match their specific requirements.

Nick Hardy
Nick Hardy Managing Partner (Sales) +44 (0)7472 795 945 Read More

Nick Hardy started his career in the RAF, which laid the foundations for a life spent in the sky. His curriculum vitae includes some of the biggest names in aviation with his network of contacts reaching across the globe. With a decade of heading sales for a major manufacturer, he is an experienced sales director with demonstrable negotiation skills, operations and risk management and strategic planning: in other words, the skills which make his customers return to him when buying or selling their airframe.

Karim Moudi
Karim Moudi Managing Partner (Finance) +44(0)2080128480 Read More

Karim Moudi has a wealth of experience as a commercial contractor. He is a master at dealing with changing legislation, complicated contracts and prolonged processes. This may not be what you want to discuss over a cocktail, but there are many airframe owners who will be grateful for these skills when their purchase needs it. Fortunately, Karim has plenty of other things he talks about over a cocktail…

Dave Usher
Dave Usher Senior Sales Manager +44(0)7803204623 Read More

Dave Usher is the kind of man you would want with you in the sky. He has 5,000 hours flying helicopters in a wide variety of sectors including charter, HEMS, utility, corporate/VVIP and the UK North Sea. Dave unquestionably has the knowledge and ability to ensure our clients are guided to the most suitable aircraft to meet their specific requirements.

Denise Payton
Denise Payton Marketing Director +44 (0)7753 317911 Read More

Denise Payton landed every Marketer’s dream job – promoting the sale of stunning aircraft to people who take such pleasure in buying them! She comes with a lifetime of brand and customer experience and is committed to making sure that no customer goes away with anything less than full Hai Air satisfaction.

Wayne Hadley
Wayne Hadley Sales Manager +44 (0) 7463 834 803 Read More

Wayne Hadley is, like so many in the team, no newcomer to aviation. He worked for Leonardo Helicopters (Agusta Westland) for over 25 years in the UK and Italy, managing its corporate and VIP client base. Since then, he has gone on to develop a global network of contacts and founding his own concierge company. He has an integral role in Hai Air and Helipad, facilitating VIP and corporate delegations and delivering a truly exceptional level of service to suit our client requirements.

Richard (Roo) Dodd
Richard (Roo) Dodd General Manager +44 (0) 7564 364636 Read More

Richard Dodd is known as Roo to his many friends. Like his namesake, he is a workaholic, always on the hop. He is a logistics manager and qualified mechanic which is useful, turning his hands to cars, trucks and anything that floats. We look forward to seeing him next in a seaplane.

Matthew Harrington
Matthew Harrington Sales Manager +44 (0) 7973 500 668 Read More

Matt joined the sales team in April 2019 bringing with him 15 years of experience working for and ultimately managing Helipad, part of the Hai Air Group. Matt has developed an extensive knowledge of rotary wing aircraft over this period and has become very well known and trusted by owners and pilots alike. Leading on, he has developed an incredibly wide network of contacts throughout the UK and European helicopter fraternity.

Lana Vogler
Lana Vogler Office Manager +44 (0) 1373 858535 Read More

Lana Vogler has travelled extensively, visiteing over 30 countries across five continents. Her varied experience, backed up with her office management skills, helps smooth the process of purchasing your aircraft. Lana is currently on maternity leave.

Brenna Price-Walker
Brenna Price-Walker +44 (0) 1373 858535 Read More

In keeping with so many in our office, Brenna Price-Walker is immersed in the world of helicopters. She has a PPL(H) licence and, over the past seven years, picked up invaluable experience as ground crew, on operations and supporting students and charter customers before and during their flights. She is a welcome addition to our team!