Equipment Hire

Available Equipment

ATC Airband Equipment

Bespoke fully portable (or fixed in rack) airband radio setup, along with brand new digital recording equipment, all capable of 3 channels and 8.33mhz compliant.

Jet A1 Fuel Bowser

2,300 litre Jet A1 road bowser. ADR approved, certified delivery system.

H1 Land Rover 110 4x4

500 litre water reserve. 30 litre foam. Independent high-pressure pump and power. All equipment to H1 standard. 2-man crew.

H1 Land Rover 110 4x4 with Perren Trailer

500 litre Perren Trailer. 30 litre foam capacity. All equipment and reserves to H1 standard. 2-man crew.

H2 Land Rover 130 6x6

1,200 litre water capacity. 80 litre AFFF foam. Independent high- and low-pressure pumps and reel. All equipment to and above H2 standard. 3-man crew.

Airside Equipment Hire

To find out more about the hire of airside and other equipment, please contact us or use the form alongside.

Tel: 01373 858535
Fax: 01427 718811
Mob: 07973 500668

Equipment Enquiry Form To ask any questions or discuss the hire of airside equipment, please contact us or use the form.

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